Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Press and hold the power button until T9 says “Hello Humanity.”

  2. Ensure the Robot is sufficiently charged. Charge the robot fully and power on. 

  • If your recently purchased and received your robot product, make sure to charge it up before using it to ensure it is operating properly.

  • Ensure the robot is sufficiently charged.

  • Always charge up the robot if you have not used it for awhile to ensure the robot have ample power to move its joints and to perform action movements. 

  1. Ensure the robot is sufficiently charged.

  2. Turn off and restart the robot.

  3. Contact customer service for additional help.

  1. Ensure the robot is disconnected from the Mobile App.

  2. Ensure you are in a quiet setting with minimal background noise.

  3. Use the preset Voice Commands to control your robot.

  1. Ensure both ends of the charging cable are properly plugged in.

  2. Ensure the headlights blink continuously when charging.

You can manually remove the red flap, but you will need to keep it safe somewhere so that you don't lose it.  Removal of the red flap does not affect operation of the robot.

The battery can not be easily swapped out and replace.

  • Ensure the robot is on a smooth flat surface. Robot will not function properly on an uneven or bumpy surface.

  1. Ensure the robot is sufficiently charged and turned on.

  2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone/tablet.

  3. Ensure your device permissions are enabled for the robot on your device.

  4. Ensure only one device is connected to the robot. Disconnect the robot from any other smart phone/tablet you are not using.

  1. Make sure the robot's battery is fully charged or has enough power to control the joints.  The many joints movement needs enough power to move the joints and to prevent it from being stuck.

  2. Shut down and power up the robot again to reset the robot if the robot's battery has been charged and has enough power to move the joints.

  1. We only support Android and iPhone Devices

  2. Go to Google Play or Apple App Store

  3. Search for "Robosen"

  4. Download the app based on the robot you have.

  1. We only support Android and iPhone Devices

  2. Our app only support mobile devices which runds 64bit apps.

  3. You mobile device must be running a 64bit OS