T9E Planetary Rover

Built to entertain and to educate 

Greeting humans! How do you like my new suit?

It may look like just a fun toy, but T9E – the latest advanced, programmable auto convertible robot on the market -- is much, much more than that.  

T9E Planetary Rover is also your shortest path to a rich learning experience -- for kids of any age who are excited by the field of robotics, one of the hottest technologies in the world today.

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Advanced Programmable Robot.  Great For Learning Robotics!

Now, everyone can experience the exhilaration of using their creativity to program unique action sequences using simple voice commands.

Or you can use our T9 app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a command center with access to our unique GUI interface and programming options.

Make T9E walk. Talk. Bust out original dance moves. Perform martial arts routines. And then magically transform itself into a highly maneuverable vehicle of the future.

Fun to Play and Easy to Control

Use Robosen's T9 app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a command center.

Manual Programming

Manual programming is where you pose, record and playback the robot's action.

Visual Programming

Robosen uses Visual programming language to convert complex programming codes into simple and easy-to-understand graphical blocks.

Advanced 3D Programming

Use a PC with our 3D programming tool that allows you to create more complex, precise, and interactive motion sequences.

Mobile App Controlled

Supports Android and IOS Devices

Voice Controlled

Supports between 30 and 80 voice commands


4 Programming Options

22 Servo Motors

Chest 2 / Arms and Hands 4×2 / Legs and Feet 5×2 / Drive Wheels 2


Microcontroller to control 22 servo motors

Bluetooth Connection

Connects via Bluetooth 4.2 BLE


A built-in microphone allows the robot to react to voice commands


Built-in speaker for system sounds and robot response

Lithium Battery

A rechargeable lithium battery is included with the robot

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