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T9E - Auto Converts to Robot and Car.  Programmable, Voice Command Enabled, Mobile App Controlled, and much more.  *Free shipping to most US Cities.

T9 Interstellar Agent

On sale now.  $499 tax-free with free shipping.


T9 Interstellar Agent

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T9 is ready to play right out of the box.  Programmable, voice-enabled, mobile app-controlled.  Buy Now

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22 Servo Motors

Our servo motors provide precision control and smooth motion. Perform realistic and complex movements with one of the most agile robots ever created.

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4 Programming options:  Voice Programming, Pose Record and Play, Visual Block Programming and Advance 3D Programming.  Lean More

K1 Interstellar Scout new

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$299 (Dark Gray Pro Edition) or $249 (Blue Performance Edition) 


Crowd Funding

Learn more about our funding drive at indiegogo.com

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K1 - Launching Soon

K1 Interstellar Scout: The Wicked Smart Econobot

K1 can be controlled with up to 80 voice commands. K1 has 4 programming Options.

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K1 Interstellar Scout

Robotic Genius. Impressive Performance. For a Wallet-pleasing Affordable Launch Price.

The K1 Interstellar Scout has a virtually limitless range of programmable motion sequences thanks to its suite of advanced servo motors at device joints.

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