Flagship Optimus Prime


Backup has arrived and is here to fully equip your FLAGSHIP Optimus Prime with the addition of the world’s first auto- converting Trailer and Roller set!

Hey Optimus Prime, "Convert" and "Roll Out"

TRANSFORMERS Auto-Converting Optimus Prime    

First ever TRANSFORMERS Auto-Converting Optimus Prime robot.

Autobot Action Hero

Tons of programmed action that brings Optimus Prime to live with voice commands.  Customize it your way and program it to perform your own actions

6 Wheels Drive Truck

Control both Optimus Prime robot or truck mode with your voice or with a mobile device connected via Bluetooth.

Complete Your Optimus Prime and Pre-Order the New Trailer Kit

Auto-Converting Trailer and Roller set

Expand your arsenal and defend against the Decepticons by completing the ultimate Optimus Prime experience.

Extending to 3ft. (91mm) in Height 

When fully extended with combat deck grapple-arm,  the Trailer auto-converts into maintenance and battle mode by folding open, pivoting upwards, and exposing its massive firepower from within the combat deck.

Fully Controllable Roller with Sidekick Spike.

The Roller awaits its call to engage the enemy, while the combat deck illuminates with incredible detail and attention.

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Inventory Clearance Sale

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Here is your chance to get your hands on our flagship product.  Advance programmable auto-converting vehicle to robot.  Control it with a mobile device or with voice commands!

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T9E Planetary Rover

Programmable Auto Converting Robot
Mobile App and Voice Controlled
On sale now.

K1 Interstellar Scout

Wicked Smart Econobot
Mobile App and Voice Controlled  

Patented Technology

Our servo motors provide precision control and smooth motion. Perform realistic and complex movements with one of the most agile robots ever created.


4 Programming options:  Voice Programming, Pose Record and Play, Visual Block Programming and Advance 3D Programming.

Visionary Craftsmanship

Classic industrial design, combined with high-grade metal alloy parts and superior finishes, means superlative product quality and reliability.